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Possibly the most fun project I have ever worked on. Bikes, models, camping, and one of the coolest groups of people you could ask for. The new to Australia, Fantic Caballero Scramblers were the perfect motorcycle to film and photograph as they can be ridden off-road. My primary focus was on filming over the two-day shoot, however, I did manage to capture the below stills as well. Make sure you check out @finmatson for his stills as well. Big thanks to Bruno Rompani for being a great driver and stunt rider.

Key Locations

NSW, Australia


Matt Horspool, Filmmaker + Photographer

Filmmaker and photographer who loves the outdoors, motorcycles and all things crazy.


Fin Matson, Photographer

A talented photographer from Germany whom I discovered a few years ago and knew he would evolve into something great. It was our first time working together and definitely won't be our last.


Jody Pang,

Jody is a close friend of my girlfriend, and we have been looking to collaborate for some time now. Jody got in touch and said this is it. Let's go. The rest is history.


Yessie Klein,

A talented filmmaker, UX designer, A.I Specialist, & Psychologist. This was the first time I'd met Yessie, and it was a pleasure to work with someone who understood camera angles and why I needed to get the shots that we got.

Note: All images by Matt Horspool

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