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  • For Sirui Cases and Mount Adapters
  • Multi-Layer, Anti-Reflective Coating
  • Approximately 2x Magnification
  • Includes Mobile Universal Clip

Sirui Portrait Mobile Auxiliary Lens

  • Do you want to take top-quality photos with your smartphone? Then you need the lenses produced by SIRUI.


    SIRUI lenses are supplied with a dedicated adapter (supplied separately) and are not attached using clips or magnets as with other manufacturers’ products. Professionals do not use all-in-one lenses, they use fixed focal lengths which let you take the best photos. Smartphone photography means: high quality photos with your smartphone. Obviously, SIRUI lenses are also suitable for video use.


    Our lens attachments are more than just magnifying glasses. They are composed of several glass lenses made of German Schott glass. They have multi-layer, anti-reflection coatings. These minimise reflections and increase light transmission. The lenses guarantee accurate colour reproduction and offer minimum distortions and vignetting. Image sharpness to the edge of the picture is guaranteed.


    What is the SIRUI 60-SA?
    A portrait or tele-photo lens for your smartphone. It brings you closer to the action.


    What can the SIRUI 60-SA do?
    With its 40° field of view, the 60-SA is a small tele-photo lens. It brings distant objects closer. Thanks to its shallow depth, it makes an ideal lens for portraits. A sun visor is fixed to the 60-SA.


    What do I need?
    – SIRUI 60-SA Portrait Lens
    – SIRUI Universal Mobile Clip

    Technical Data
    – Front diameter: 38mm
    – Height: 30.6mm
    – Weight: 60g
    – Field of view: 40°
    – Focal length: 60mm (equivalent to full format)
    – Mount: SIRUI E-Bayonet
    – Construction: 6 lenses in 4 group
    – Optical distortion: <1.2%
    – Resolution: 500LP/mm
    – Working temperature: -20°C to +50°C


    1x SIRUI 60-SA Lens
    1x Front lens cover
    1x Protective case
    1x Universal Mobile Clip

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