For years I'd admired the futuristic look and nature of electric motorcycles. Yet, there weren't too many Australian based companies that were producing units. Let alone me knowing anyone who actually owned one. Enter Sydney based Fonz Motorcycles.  With a small but incredible line-up of bikes on offer, their NKD models were something that instantly caught my eye. After riding one, it's safe to say... I want one.

Key Locations

NSW, Australia

Fonz Motors Shoot - Matt Horspool _etchd 171.jpg

Matt Horspool, Filmmaker + Photographer

Filmmaker and photographer who loves the outdoors, motorcycles and all things crazy.

Fonz Motors Shoot - Matt Horspool _etchd 09.jpg

Matt Priddle, Driver + BTS

Always up for an adventure, Matt helped drive the van during the tracking shots and filmed some juicy BTS.

Fonz Motors Shoot - Matt Horspool _etchd 66.jpg

Yessie Klein,


A talented filmmaker, UX designer, A.I Specialist, & Psychologist. This was the first time I'd met Yessie, and it was a pleasure to work with someone who understood camera angles and why I needed to get the shots that we got.

Note: All images by Matt Horspool