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For years I'd admired the futuristic look and nature of electric motorcycles. Yet, there weren't too many Australian-based companies that were producing units. Let alone me knowing anyone who actually owned one. Enter Sydney-based Fonz Motorcycles.  With a small but incredible line-up of bikes on offer, their NKD models were something that instantly caught my eye. After riding one, it's safe to say... I want one.

Key Locations

NSW, Australia

Fonz Motors Shoot - Matt Horspool _etchd 171.jpg

Matt Horspool, Filmmaker + Photographer

Filmmaker and photographer who loves the outdoors, motorcycles and all things crazy.

Fonz Motors Shoot - Matt Horspool _etchd 09.jpg

Matt Priddle, Driver + BTS

Always up for an adventure, Matt helped drive the van during the tracking shots and filmed some juicy BTS.

Fonz Motors Shoot - Matt Horspool _etchd 66.jpg

Yessie Klein,


A talented filmmaker, UX designer, A.I Specialist, & Psychologist. This was the first time I'd met Yessie, and it was a pleasure to work with someone who understood camera angles and why I needed to get the shots that we got.

Note: All images by Matt Horspool

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