Ultimate Underwater (2019)

Streamline your editing with these 1-Touch Lightroom Desktop & Mobile Presets 

$35 USD

One of the most difficult styles to expose for and edit, is underwater photography.

Are you finding that your underwater images are overly blue, lack colour in skin tones and just don't have any pop?

Like you, I became frustrated when I'd spent $$$ purchasing underwater equipment only to find my images turned out completely different to what I'd hoped for.

Why do my images look blue?

The reason for this is that water refracts light differently to when on land. The deeper you travel underwater, the more 'Red light Waves' are filtered from the colour spectrum, which in turn, results in the overly deep blue images you are likely left with.


Your camera is also likely not set to up maximise colour retention and you are positioning yourself incorrectly to expose for the scene.

What can I do to stop this?

Unfortunately, due to the complexities of how light acts underwater at varying depths, there are no quick and easy methods of stopping this without expensive equipment and many hours of practice.


There are a few steps however, that you can take to alleviate the blue colour cast in camera like setting your camera's white balance (WB) to the underwater setting (if it has one) and making sure you shoot in the shallowest water possible.

With every purchase of these presets you will get a FREE How To guidebook that will explain how and why I set my camera up for hassle free underwater shots. In it I will detail the best angles to use to maximise colour, and how to add some creative flare to stand out. I'll also show you how to implement these presets into your workflow and why I always 'shoot to edit'.

Implement the Ultimate Underwater Presets to instantly make your images pop and bring life back into them.

*These presets will work with RAW and JPG images but I highly recommend shooting in RAW for Ultimate White Balance correction.

** Due to differences in monitors and screens, blues will likely appear different between devices.

Before vs. After

Mid Blue Crisp

Mid Blue Smooth

Beams + Grad Vignettes

Electric Blue

Natural 1

Natural 50/50 + Grad

Black & White High Contrast

Nightshade + Radial Grad

Natural 2

Black & White Film

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