Are you frustrated with your underwater images?


Are they overly blue, lack warm skin tones and just don't pop?

Perhaps you're planning to take your new GoPro or camera phone on a family snorkelling trip and and have no idea how to edit your images?

Like you, I became disheartened when I'd spent $$$ purchasing underwater equipment only to find my images turned out completely different to what I'd hoped for. I'd then spend countless hours messing around with sliders and watching tutorials that left me in a state of despair.

That's why I created this professional pack of Lightroom presets. They were designed to eliminate hours of editing and guess work and turn your images into something you could be proud of.


After these are applied, you'll surely be the envy of your friends and family.

 Underwater Presets Vol.1 (2020)

Streamline your editing with these professional

1-Touch Lightroom Desktop & Mobile Presets 

+ BONUS 35 Page Preset E-Book



What do I get?

  • 9 unique and carefully refined underwater presets that breathe life and atmosphere into your images

  • Presets that are compatible with Lightroom CC (Desktop + Mobile) and Lightroom Classic v7  and above.

  • Step by step installation and application guide.

  • Lifetime access to the vol.1 preset pack (If you lose your pack I'll send you another)

  • Exclusive discounts to additional content when it's released (Proof of purchase required).

  • Hours of time to spend in the water. Not sitting at the computer.

Etchd Underwater Presets Vol.1 - Preset Guide

 FREE 36 Page Preset E-Book

  • Detailed step-by-step installation guide for all platforms

  • 3rd Party noise reduction

  • Guide to Linear and Radial Graduated filters and how to apply them to your images

  • Individual preset profiles and editing tips

  • Troubleshooting guide


*These presets will work with RAW and JPG images but I highly recommend shooting in RAW for perfect colour correction.

** Due to differences in monitors and screens, blues will likely appear different between devices.

Before vs. After

Mid Blue Crisp

Beams + Grad Vignettes

Natural 1

Black & White Film

Mid Blue Smooth

Electric Blue

Nightshade + Radial Grad


Natural 50/50 + Grad


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