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Another incredibly successful campaign shoot, this time at the Red Centre of Australia, a place I had yet to explore. The colours of the landscapes were nothing short of amazing, and the talent we secured was enthusiastic and knowledgeable in front of the camera. I was the sole videographer and tasked with filming run-&-gun style over 20 social style clips, 6-campaign specific clips, 2 hero brand films and 12+ Reels. No easy task.

The following images are frame grabs from the clips along with the hero film.

Key Locations

Alice Springs & Surrounds, NT , Australia


Matt Horspool, Filmmaker + Photographer

Filmmaker and photographer who loves the outdoors, terrible weather and hanging with talented creatives.


Harrison Candlin, Photographer

Mountain Designs Ambassador and the reason I got this gig. I absolutely love working alongside Harrison, and he is one talented dude. Go check his work here.

Note: All images by Matt Horspool

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