• 900g Load Capacity
  • Instant Shot Control
  • Four Modes Switch
  • Universal Calibrated Quick Release Plate
  • Focusing Control at your Fingertips
  • Instant Scene Transition
  • Active Track


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Sirui P1 Swift Gimbal for Cameras

  • The lightweight and dynamic SIRUI Swift P1 Gimbal provides a three-axis stabilization system to capture smooth shots while on the move. With easy to use, built in control buttons for access to several creative features, The Gimbal will inspire you to create your own Cinematic art in motion.

    Instant Shot Control

    Options in use are in clear view on the OLED UI for precise shooting control with the auxiliary wheel dial and other feature buttons. Easily unfold the tripod legs for support to capture steady shots.

    Four Modes Switch

    Master every movement to create your own Cinematic art with a quick switch to one of four modes: Tilting-Following Locked, Tilting Following, all-axis Following Locked, POV (Roll Follow Mode).

    Universal Calibrated Quick Release Plate

    With the detachable Quick Release Plate, easily remove a camera from the P1 to attach it to a tripod.

    Precisely balance the camera with the imprinted scale mark.

    Focusing Control at your Fingertips

    Need to focus quickly? With a simple connection, the focusing button will do it all.

    Active Track

    Set for automatic facial tracking with the AI Algorithms or frame the object manually and position the subject in the center of the frame to actively shoot real-time



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