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Somnium at Bingie x Etchd Photography18.jpg


Located on an incredible stretch of land overlooking Coila Lake and the Tasman Sea, this striking property is a hidden country retreat. I was honored to have the chance to photograph and film the marketing content for the launch of this amazing property. It was a tiresome shoot with amazing light changing the way we viewed each angle of the building, forcing me to re-shoot the same scene as it was just too beautiful to miss.

Architect - Eoghan Lewis Architects

Interior Designer - Sylvia Rajek Interiors

Key Locations

Bingie, NSW, Australia

Somnium at Bingie x Etchd Photography51.jpg

Matt Horspool, Filmmaker + Photographer

Filmmaker and photographer who loves the outdoors, motorcycles and all things crazy.


James Elliott, Assistant

James has been my young camera assistant for over a year now and is a vital asset to every project we work on.

Note: All images by Matt Horspool

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