Corinna Wilderness Experience: Untouched Australia


Have you been longing for the ultimate digital detox?

Perhaps a journey back in time to one of the oldest and wildest natural playgrounds in Australia is on the cards.


July 20th I was invited down to stay at the stunning Corinna Wilderness Eco Lodge and experience some of the untouched beauties of the area and surrounding Tarkine wilderness.

The dates were open, but I was adamant that winter would be the best option for me, both in regards to fewer people but also wild weather. Something Tasmania is well known for.


Flying into Launceston my friend Matt and I hopped in our hire SUV and made our way to the lodge.


As any photographer knows, estimated travel times and actual travel times rarely match up when you are faced with amazing views out of every window.

Misty Tarkine Mountains

Foggy Layers




The lodge features 20 self-contained eco-cabins that rely purely on solar power and are heated by natural gas. During the summer months, the lodge is teeming with weekend escapees and outdoor enthusiasts, keen to make the most of the beautiful weather.


During the heart of winter, however, you could end up being the only guests in the entire area. Which as luck had it, we were 2 of 6 for the first 2 nights.

Corinna Office / Bar / Restaurant